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They predicted that the young men and women would be much less picky -- less rejecting -- when they thought a real person's feelings were on the line. Only one in six opted to date the unattractive person when it was a hypothetical decision. By contrast, more than a third said yes to a date when they thought the unattractive person was in the next room. They found that people were motivated by both self-interest and generosity of spirit.Importantly, the scientists asked the participants afterward about their motives for making the choices they did. They were more excited about imminent dates (as opposed to hypothetical), but above and beyond that, they were more concerned about the other's feelings than they thought they would be.

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These profiles were ostensibly of other people in the study.

Each participant chose the potential date he or she preferred -- much as you would on a dating site.

Partners disagree about very basic stuff, like religion and politics and values, or they simply don't find each other attractive. Why does the reality of a relationship fail so often to match our ideals?

Obviously there are a lot of little differences that emerge over time, and people do change, but it seems like we should at least get the fundamental issues straight.

Were you worried about the other person's feelings? So we've all heard uplifting stories about the most popular student on campus going to the big dance with the ugly duckling or the awkward nerd.

But that noble gesture is usually a one-time act of pity, and besides, we know the unattractive loser is really brilliant and funny and so forth.

Others were told to imagine that this potential date was nearby and available.

The scientists were trying to distinguish here between how people see themselves choosing a partner, hypothetically, and how they actually choose in real time.

After the participants made their choices, they were given additional information about the person, including a photo that showed an unattractive man or woman.

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