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This evening, we sailed into breathtaking Northwest Fjord, nudging through broken ice dotted with dozens of harbor seals, for close views of fabulous scenery.

We saw small ice floes and massive glaciers, and even had glimpses of ice falls and glacial calving.

Meanwhile, our naturalists and hikers explored areas out of town in search of wildflowers and birds.

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The mountain cirques were draped in gray ash and pumice still remaining from the famous 1912 Novarupta eruption, making the mountains appear as if they were clad in extensive gray snowfields.

We had excellent weather conditions, allowing us to appreciate the vastness of the mountainous scenery of Katmai and the glaciers in the distance.

Initially settled by Russian fur traders in 1784, Kodiak was established as the first capital of Russia’s North American colonies in 1792 by Alexander Baranov.

In the afternoon we divided—some of us visited Erskine House; built in 1809 and used as a fur warehouse, it now houses the Kodiak Baranov Museum.

A wonderful start to the trip, we soon joined Zegrahm field director Kevin Clement who kicked off our educational program with Brown Bears in Alaska, followed by geologist John Buchanan’s lecture, Plates in Collision – The Aleutian Archipelago.

At lunchtime we docked at the sleepy town of Kodiak.As we sailed in, marbled and Kittlitz’s murrelets greeted us on the water and our first brown bear of the day was sighted shortly after we dropped anchor.We were soon out in our fleet of Zodiacs, exploring the bays and inlets of this lovely part of Katmai, in a very successful search for bears and birds, beginning with a dominant male lording it over a beached whale carcass.Teeming with seabirds, our Zodiacs allowed us to explore the island’s rugged coastline, while listening to the cacophony of the seabird colony, including hordes of murres, parakeet auklets, tufted and horned puffins, black-legged kittiwakes, and northern fulmars.Back on board, we continued our lecture program with ornithologist Mark Brazil giving his presentation What It’s Like to be a Seabird, followed by Sharon Hudgins’ presentation, Russian America: The Russian Discovery, Exploration, and Settlement of North America.We passed through typical boreal forest at first, then through some of the northwestern temperate rain forest the area is renowned for.

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