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Special Olympics is a valuable support system that recognizes differences and celebrates individual accomplishments.

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All government information is presumed to be available to the public with some exceptions outlined in the law.

Chapter 551 of the Government Code is the Open Meetings Act which except for authorized executive sessions provides that the meetings of governmental bodies must be open to the public.

Competing in another area’s event is an option only to add additional competition opportunities.

The area program staff will assist coaches in locating the next closest competition.

The Texas County Appraisal Districts make it easy to lookup property values in the state.

This site allows you to find current public records for Texas quickly and easily.When the term “intellectual disabilities” or other similar descriptor is not used to identify the person in a local area, eligibility should be determined by whether or not the person has functional limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills.“Developmental disability” is the term most often used to describe people with both limitations.There are 254 counties and 1215 incorporated cites.Austin is the capital though Houston is the largest city.Find out how to look at vital records and how to order birth, death, marriage and divorce verification letters.

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