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How you're handling Selena's new relationship so well? You've both been through a lot, you had some good times together, but if you love her, as you say you always will... If there's anything for you two in the future, that will work itself out.

Best you not go backwards in a way that would only defeat the purpose.

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“This weeds out the crazy party animals and leaves me with social drinkers or guys who really don’t care much for booze,” she says. “I would make jokes like, ‘When I drink I tend to break out in handcuffs,’ which lightened the mood,” says Lucy Price of Victoria, British Columbia, cofounder of Sacred Recovery.

“But as the years went by, I became more comfortable in my skin, so now I’ll just say I'm an alcoholic in recovery.”Dr.

Ryan Potter, clinical director at Ambrosia Treatment Centers, says that depending on your own long-term goals—whether you’re looking to permanently quit or take time off from drinking—a simple "I just don't" or "I never feel good after drinking" usually does the trick.3.

You’ll waste less time on dates that aren’t going anywhere...

Next, when the inevitable impertinent questions about Seleeknd are thrown at you when you're grabbing lunch or pumping gas, you say, "I wish them nothing but the best," no matter how much you don't mean it.

Perhaps if you say it enough, you'll start to mean it.

(He was nominated for four Grammys, including Album of the Year, but chose not to attend.) And according to TMZ, Gomez picked up the tab for her beau's 27th birthday party last night, even though she was already in New York for Fashion Week. Don't post anything on social media, no matter how thickly veiled, and, don't go starting stuff.

So this just might be serious, and Justin Bieber would do well to deal with it, and we have some advice. If you and your friends are going to have some laughs, don't record it.

When “Let’s grab drinks” feels like a natural follow-up to “Hi, how are you?

,” saying it's difficult to navigate the world of dating while sober is an understatement, despite the fact that it's estimated that about 30 percent of all Americans don't consume any alcohol.

Yeah, there’s the coffeehouse date, a sober standby, but Lara Frazier, 33, of Dallas, who's been sober for three years, says it’s possible to get more creative.

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