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This outfit was left by Margarete, a character from the first Shadow Hearts.General Heimann - Ring Soul - Jeanne - Ernest - Masaji Kato - Gerard Magimel - Pierre Magimel - Granny Lot - Yuma - John The Great Gama - Thomas Edward Lawrence - Roger Bacon - Carla - Alice Elliot - Rasputin - Grand Duke Dmitri - Prince Yusupov Empress Alexandra - Prince Alexei - Edgar - Goztafssiki - Jovis Abraham - Albert Simon - Sarah - Tzar Emperor Nicholas II - Asmodeus Naniwa Kawashima - Hsien-Hsi - Dr Hojo - Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura - Kosuke Ishimura - Garan the Oracle - Cpt Toranzo Kaneda Lt. Terada - Saki Inugami - Jinpachiro Hyuga - Astaroth - Henri - Keith Valentine - Hildegard Valentine - Margarete Gertrude Zelle Apoina Tower - Domremy - Ardennes Forest - Paris - Le Havre - Wine Cellar - Port of Southampton - Rhondda Mine - Roger's House Nemeton Monastery - Neam Ruins - Florence - Manmariana Island - SG Italian Branch HQ - Cannes - St.

As co-hosts of a podcast about dating and relationships, Philippa and I sometimes receive messages from listeners seeking advice.

To show that we take these questions seriously (a statement we can’t always make about the answer), I’ll address in this forum one we received recently. Our listener, “Lisa,” was visiting friends out of town when she met a Person Of Interest (“POI.”).

Besides THAT is for Lucia's weapon, not Karin's dating outfit. LOLBut if you have the smutty book with Yuri, and finish the 2nd Neam run thru, go back to visit roger and he should give you the dating outfit. But seeing as how the final dungeon is up at that point, and you MUST have stepped into it to trigger the final quests.... I know people always say do things in a certain order, but after 6 playthru's I do them all messed up and still get stuff done... XDHmmm checking Depth Charges wonderful FAQ he says Fort of Regrets is required to obtain the outfit. Brady Guide says Talk to Roger AFTER finishing trade quest, finishing Neam 2nd time and visiting Final Dungeon.

You will need the smutty book retrieved from the ruins as well. Do all those and it should work.(You made me dig out the the Brady.

- Strike Expand: near the last purple block you took down. - Zodiac Bracelet: take the red block and it's in the room with the save point. - Ogress Mask: get from Kazuna in the northwest corner of the second level.

- Shanghai Heaven: hidden in the alcove northwest of that block. Go up using the block in the southwest, then again with the block up here. Return to the southwest corner and take the lower block. - Seventh Key Press the switch before riding back up. Give it to the Japanophile near the Paris Cathedral. Go back to the entrance, removing the map stones on the way.

You're supposed to take the middle turning here, so be careful not to miss the chest. Take the first right fork, and it's hidden along the side of the second right.

- Seven Stars: search the centre of the junction where you found the Seventh Key.

You'll know it's the right one if you end up in a row of gold, blue, and your purple block. - Zen Stone: chest in the furthest north-east room. - Pure Extract: Level 2, just beyond the red warp point.

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