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Dating women from Shanghai has often meant being ready to meet high “maintenance” demands (see one of my old blog posts at https://johnabbot.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/women-of-china-shanghai-versus-chongqing/).

What is it about them that gives them an air of mysterious charm and sophistication which most men find hard to resist?

Shanghainese women are as worldly and sophisticated as they come, some even say they are still the most elite cosmopolites among all the other women from other major Chinese cities; this often means that dating Chinese women from Shanghai are men who also have sophisticated tastes and actually do not mind and even enjoy meeting the higher than average “level of maintenance” that these ladies require.

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The relationship lasted for just six months, because Jean found they “couldn’t communicate” because of their “different standpoints.” Jean’s ex-boyfriend was nine years older than her, and a graduate student in international relations at another Beijing university.

Unlike some other young couples, Jean said, they talked a lot about serious topics, including Chinese politics.

The elegance, polish, and femininity of their demeanor is both natural and cultivated; it is as much their essence as it is their chosen mien.

The women of Shanghai carry themselves with because they believe this is how women should be.

The opposing political views of May Xu, 24, who works for a Spanish head hunting firm in Shanghai, and her Spanish ex-boyfriend, who she met at work, were reflected in just one sentence.

During a date, he declared “Mao is a dictator,” Xu recalled.

Li, a college graduate who works for the government, meets red-haired, beak-nosed David, who claims he is an academic, at a friend’s gathering.

“Honestly, I fell for you the first time I saw you,” the guy confesses, and the two soon begin a relationship.

But while dating seems to be on the rise, marriage is still unusual—thanks to political differences that are often irreconcilable, according to the women I spoke to, who were all between 21 and 25, prime age to start looking for a husband in China.

The real “danger” of love between a Chinese woman and a foreign man is that it doesn’t ultimately go anywhere, the women I talked to said.

Shanghai women have always been ahead of their time, even back when women of China were still mostly house-bound.

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