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There is an older thread out here where folks struggled mightily to get this to work, with no resolution that I can find.

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Before joining the show, Takei became popular among the cast after soundbites of his audiobook about his career on Star Trek were played on the show.

The clips stood out due to his deep baritone voice and pitch perfect enunciation, and, thus, were frequently played on the show.

In July 2004, when the show was holding a "Win John's Job" contest following the departure of Stuttering John from the show, Christy won the position as voted by fans.

Since joining the show, Christy has become known for his prank calls, song parodies, unique personality, and "show stunts" he's performed with his writing partner Sal the Stockbroker.

Go to, specify model and download an app called 'Subaru Gen2-Toolbox-inst.exe' (Windows or Mac). When I moved the car slightly by 3 ft, the map moves. My guess is it knows the speed limit of the freeway and know you have been traveling much below it for a while. Next experiment will be to see if the copy works like yours did on my non-Subaru, non-OEM 32G card. A few months later after moving to another state, I contacted Subaru Customer Service and was informed that it was Subaru policy that they could not update my map until I owned the Outback for 12 months.

As accurate in position as any portable or SW out there. FTossan-- Thanks to your clear instructions, I learned there were no updates for my current map database. TXT' -- This is just a text file containing version. I asked the salesman if I could get an update for the maps and after checking with the dealer's service manager, he stated "Yes, just as soon as an update was available, I could bring it in and the service department would update the map." Well, that was not exactly true.Following your directions, I was able to update it myself. ------------------ Copied them to a brand new card, formatted FAT32.Put it in the Navi, turned it on, display map - says it cannot read the SD card. I plan to take the thing with me for my next appointment, but just curious what it takes to actually get a cloned card to work. My 2016/2017 Map Update Experience: - First my Subie GPS is always accurate and fast, and I been far and wide using it. The Osm And app offers the most amazing details on both roads and POIs, very accurate nav guidance. MY Outback is the 2016 model and I have not heard of trouble in its GPS/Map. Thank you Russell Casey, 2017 Outback Limited 2.5, Twilight Blue/Ivory with Eyesight. The update map version is called 'ed2016/2017 expiry '. Copy these from the original SD card to the new card (done under Windows) Folder 'i GO' File 'device.nng' File 'MAPVER. FTossan, A second or maybe third "Thank You" for your clear instructions on updating the GPS. I noticed the maps were 3rd quarter 14 while still at the dealership. Use the free space for other things like music or video. One of its jobs is map/nagivation running the Osm And app with the entire North America map stored in the SD card. and Canada using both Subie Nav and Osm And Nav to compare and check each other. The Osm And app have a lot more info on geographics and POIs and can change day/nigh skins. So the Subie Nav and Osm And nav are both essential to me, each doing a different job and complementing each other. So the version refers to the navigation app software, not the map. In my case a bunch of videos which I can watch, but only when car is stopped.Norris worked the overnight slot, after which Stern hosted the morning slot.

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