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The Tito-era doctrine of "General People's Defence", in which each republic maintained a Territorial Defence Force (Teritorialna obramba, or TO), was to be replaced by a centrally directed system of defence.

The republics would lose their role in defence matters, and their TOs would be disarmed and subordinated to YPA headquarters in Belgrade.

Supported by Germany and the Vatican, Slovenia was among those republics aiming for independence.

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Hit-and-run and delaying tactics were to be preferred and frontal clashes were to be avoided since in such situations the YPA's superior firepower would have been very difficult to overcome.

Slovenia and Croatia passed the acts about their independence on 25 June 1991.

Tank columns could be trapped by destroying the lead and rear vehicles in favourable terrain — for instance, on a narrow mountain road where room for manoeuvre was limited – enabling the rest to be tackled more easily.

In preparation for this, the Slovenian government covertly bought lightweight missile systems from foreign suppliers, notably the SA-7 Grail (Strela) anti-aircraft missile and the German-designed Armbrust anti-tank system.

At the same time, the Slovenian government set up a secret alternative command structure, known as the Manoeuvre Structures of National Protection (Manevrska struktura narodne zaščite, or MSNZ).

This was an existing but antiquated institution, unique to Slovenia, which was intended to enable the republic to form an ad hoc defence structure, akin to a Home Guard.

In April 1990, Slovenia held its first democratic multi-party elections, won by the DEMOS coalition.

On 23 December 1990, Slovenia held a referendum, which passed with 88.5% of overall electorate supporting independence (94.8% of votes cast), with a turnout of 93.3%.

The Slovenian government was well aware that the federal government in Belgrade might seek to use military force to quash Slovenia's move towards independence.

Immediately after the Slovenian elections, the Yugoslav People's Army (YPA) announced a new defence doctrine that would apply across the country.

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