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The lands here turned out to be a complicated phenomenon. So, that is how it goes, among the black earth lands of the Kuban famous throughout the country, the settlers somehow contrived to find infertile soils that were complicated to cultivate.

In one place there is clay, in another almost pure sand. Yet another problem that arose before the settlers was water.

But, fortunately or not, the people in the club were, in the majority, city dwellers, and fell in love with the picturesque landscapes, not even suspecting the difficulties that awaited them. And in the meantime, the first little houses appeared in the settlement.

Little by little, experience in farming began to appear as well.

Something similar was occurring at the time all over Rus.

We found lands located in the foothills of the Caucasus.

Many of the settlers learned to grow certain crops without any watering at all.

The first experiments with power generation were also very interesting.

A deserted part of a village with communications is being allocated, as well as a field with an area of 60 ha beside the village.

Interested persons may acquire a small house in the village for the time being. A forest is growing on all the deserted area and around the village, with a large number of various types of apple trees.

Others continued their attempts and experiences on the land.

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