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The cane belonged to the town, but the tradition allowed the oldest resident to posses the cane until the next year, when it was passed on to the next oldest resident. I hear only what I want to hear,” she added with a wink.

When asked what her secret to living such a long life was, Misenti responded honestly, confidently and with a big smile. (excerpted from article by Gabriella Cruz, photo by Tim Jean, Andover Townsman, via Stephen Hoffman) Ashburnham presents the cane to the recipient then returns it to the Town Hall for safekeeping.

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The ceremony was held at Life Care Center in Auburn and Pisinski was given a certificate and duplicate of the original Boston Post Cane.

(article via Steve Hoffman) 2006: In August 2006 they were seeking a new receipient for the cane (the holder receives a replica).

“I love living in Andover Commons, I’ve been there since I was 70!

” In 1909, 700 towns in New England were each given an ebony cane, outfitted with an engraved golden knob.

Robert Gardiner Wilson, Jr., passed away peacefully at home in Amesbury on Wednesday, Sept. The town has set the following criteria for receiving the cane: 1) Must have lived in Amherst at least ten years. 3) Must be the oldest eligible person As of January 2010 the current holder of Amherst’s cane is Loretta Cavanaugh.

Loretta was awarded the cane on April 19, 2009 at the age of 101 (born August 7, 1908) Prior recipients of the Amherst Boston Post Cane include: (via email from Nancy Hirsh Pagano, Director, Amherst Senior Center – Feb 2010) Andover had retired their cane to the town’s vault.

Acton appears to restarted the tradition after a long hiatus. (via email from Tom Kelleher) Aug 2008: Acton’s Boston Post Cane was awarded to Gladys Linnard on her 100th birthday.

The cane was presented by Lauren Rosenswieg, chairwoman of the Acton Board of Selectmen.

Myrtle Driscoll, 102, is the current holder of the cane (Apr 2005) Previous holders were Dorothy Barrett (104 in March of 2004) and Esther Morrison (March 2002).

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