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“Photo enforced” signs under speed limit signs on the designated roads will alert drivers that speed cameras may be in use in that area.

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Rockville is also publicizing the locations of its cameras through its newsletter, Rockville Reports, Rockville 11 (cable channel 11) and its Web site at well as the news media.

Once you have satisfied your citation(s) with the City of Rockville you may obtain a flag release by calling 1-866-818-3844 or by going to one of the following customer service centers: • 4040 Blackburn Lane, Suite 200, Burtonsville, MD 20866• Rockville City Hall, Cashier, 3rd Floor, 111 Maryland Ave, Rockville MD 20850• Rockville City Police, Neighborhood Services Counter, 2 West Montgomery Ave., Rockville, MD 20850If you are at the MVA you may call the 1-866-818-3844 phone number or Rockville City Photo Enforcement Unit at 240-314-8935 and a copy of the flag release can be faxed over to its office.

In 2005, 214 people were killed in speeding related crashes in Maryland, with at least 16 of those deaths occurring in Montgomery County.

The speed camera program began in Rockville in 2007.

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Speed cameras are photo enforcement devices that, when a vehicle traveling 12 or more miles per hour over the speed limit passes, a camera will automatically record a speeding violation.

MVA will only accept a fax copy from the customer service center or Rockville City Police Department.

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