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At roughly am, she collided at low speed, approximately one knot (1.2 mph or 1.9 km/h), with the unladen Imo, chartered by the Commission for Relief in Belgium to pick up a cargo of relief supplies in New York.

The resulting fire on board the French ship quickly grew out of control.

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A pressure wave snapped trees, bent iron rails, demolished buildings, grounded vessels (including Imo, which was washed ashore by the ensuing tsunami), and scattered fragments of Mont-Blanc for kilometres.

Hardly a window in the city proper survived the blast.

Approximately 2,000 people were killed by the blast, debris, fires or collapsed buildings, and an estimated 9,000 others were injured.

Mont-Blanc was under orders from the French government to carry her cargo of high explosives from New York City via Halifax to Bordeaux, France.

In January 2008, he started with CBC Radio One freelancing for the weekday morning show with Terry Mac Leod and Marcy Markusa.

In April 2008, he found his way into the spotlight again as Information Radio's audio technician, traffic reporter and jingle writer extraordinaire.There are several memorials to the victims of the explosion in the North End.Dartmouth lies on the east shore of Halifax Harbour, and Halifax is on the west shore.Beat Bugs Becca’s Bunch Big Block Singsong Bookaboo Chirp Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood Dot Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery Ride or Wrong Ruby Skye P. Scout & The Gumboot Kids The Adventures of Napkin Man The Furchester Hotel The Moblees The Studio K Show You & Me Broad Appeal: Living with E’s But I’m Chris Jericho!Canada in the Frame CBC Short Docs Earthling House Huntress How to Buy a Baby Jet Age Keep Calm and Decolonize Kids That Are Kind Of Amazing At Stuff…The explosion occurred on the south (Halifax) shore of the Narrows, midway between the present-day A. Macdonald (orange) bridges.s departure was delayed because her coal load did not arrive until late that afternoon.

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