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Since each woman would not have the opportunity to meet every man, and vice versa, because of the size of the event we also offered a post-official-dating mingle time for people to hit on each other the old-fashioned way.

While I love Rwanda for instance, going on a cultural tour of Rwanda with my one year old is not the right fit for me.

There is no point wasting either of your time so make sure you are clear about who you are and what you can offer and don’t be afraid to say that you aren’t the right fit.

After the event, you will also receive your match list detailing who is interested in you and your mutual matches.

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This was my first speed dating blogger event, actually it was my first blogger event.

I was really nervous before the event about what to take and what it would be like so I thought it would be worth writing down what I found out and what I think you need to know This is essential.

Know what you are and what you can offer and be able to explain this as precisely as possible.

The maximum time allotted per meeting is 5 minutes, though I found towards the end you had much less than this as people tried to talk to as many people as possible. I was the idiot that got distracted by her baby while packing and left her business cards on her bedside table.

(We did one of these events for queer women, but most of them were for straight men and women and most of my observations come from that.) If both participants indicated interest, each received the other's email address and they're invited to take it from there.

I like to think overall the setup is similar to online dating, which I have done, but I have often thought of as parallel to trying to meet someone at a bar.

During e Harmony LIVE you will have a chance to sit down on multiple 5 minute dates with other attendees and let the sparks fly.

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