Start up cost dating website

From what I've seen, in my 15 years in tech and programming, this never works.

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and if you don't like the people personally, don't settle, Best of luck!

Deyan You should prepare requirements or functional specifications included wireframe/mockup for your expected site with from high level then elaborate into more detail level if needed (the best is to user story level as recommend in Agile/Scrum).

You might learn from similar sites/competitors during doing this step. The sales/marketing is probably the easiest part especially with niche sites.

After that, you could looking for software development outsourcing providers or freelancers to deliver the rest. You could get a modified pre built CMS and probably be alright especially as an MVP.

I'm sure that you have a lot of experience in marketing existing products, but building something from the ground up takes a different skillset that takes time and / or money to acquire.

My personal advice, learn some basic programming skills to get an idea of the complexity of what you want to build.

Eventually, everyone gets fed up after it's clear that it will take hundreds of hours of programming work just to create a proof-of-concept, and people start dropping out.

Good, experienced developers are expensive and difficult to come by.

Keep in mind that the narrow you focus, the more limited your audience and income potential will be.

For-example: Trek Passions- It helps lonely Trekkie find love . Perfect your algorithm: Generally dating sites ask their users to fill out questionnaires about their hobbies, lifestyle, interest etc.

For most of them you will be a significant client and will receive the 5start treatment.

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