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Both surveys were completed on the same intake visit and independently scored.Correlations between each tools' assessment of fat intake, the agreement in AHA step categorization of dietary quality with each tool, and the test characteristics of the MF using the FFQ as the gold standard were assessed.The MEDFICTS questionnaire is a brief instrument consisting of 8 food categories: Meats, Eggs, Dairy, Fried foods, fat In baked goods, Convenience foods, fats added at the Table, and Snacks.

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We assessed the validity of the MEDFICTS (MF) questionnaire, a brief instrument developed to assess fat intake according to the American Heart Association (AHA) dietary "steps".

We surveyed 164 active-duty US Army personnel without known coronary artery disease at their intake interview for a primary prevention cardiac intervention trial using the Block food frequency (FFQ) and MF questionnaires.

The study was approved by the Department of Clinical Investigation of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

] Briefly, since October 1998, active-duty Army personnel from 39 through 45 of age who were stationed in the National Capital Area of the Walter Reed Health Care System were recruited at the time of a periodic, Army-mandated physical examination.

Demographic characteristics of the study participants are shown in Table Each participant filled out a series of questionnaires that included the 2 dietary assessment tools: the validated and reduced version of the Block FFQ and the full version of the MF.

The reduced version of Block FFQ is a validated food survey that contains 60 food items and is intended to capture all nutrients in the diet including dietary fat intake.This includes total calories, percentage of calories from fat and saturated fat, and cholesterol intake.The MF questionnaire was specifically designed to evaluate patient adherence to the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) Step 1 and Step 2 diets adopted by the American Heart Association (AHA).Within each category, food items are assigned to either group 1 (desirable) or group 2 (undesirable) based upon total fat content.Numeric values are assigned to each food group, with weightings based upon weekly consumption and serving size.Subjects consumed a mean of 36.0 ± 13.0% of their total calories as fat, which included saturated fat consumption of 13.0 ± 0.4%.

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