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Often, we use applesauce or mashed bananas to soften the final crumb, but I don’t need any of that in my corn muffins.

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I heard great things about the corn muffins from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook, but found them almost too buttery and flat.

I should have known after a decade-long perfect blueberry muffin hunt ended with Cook’s Illustrated that this would too.

My mother made them when I was growing up and I had assumed she got her recipe from Joy of Cooking or Silver Palate, two of our cookbook bibles back then, but no, she tells me they were from the back of the Jiffy box, sending me back to the drawing board if I wanted to make them from scratch.

I made Dorie Greenspan’s Corniest Corn Muffins many years ago, and while they’re lovely, the corn muffins I wax nostalgic about didn’t have fresh corn in them.

CI had set out to make a savory corn muffin, using only 3 tablespoons sugar, but I liked these with 1/4 to 1/3 cup for the light sweetness I remember growing up, but at a level that’s still anything but cloying.

Finally, CI recommends Arrowhead Mills Organic Yellow Cornmeal, and says that you should not use coarse-ground or white cornmeal, but I used a mixture of fine yellow unfancy Indian Head cornmeal and medium-grind Bob’s Red Mill (I used this portion for the pre-cooking step, to soften it) and had no complaints about the final texture.

We escaped the Frozen North this week to someplace warm and tropical and it almost feels like cheating. Shouldn’t we be eating rib-sticking comfort food and not slurping fresh passion fruit from a spoon?

How can we have the audacity to shuffle-smack around in sandy flip-flops while our arctic puffers collect dust in the closet? But I’m not here to gloat, promise; I, too, was bone-chilled, quietly resentful of people anywhere that their face didn’t freeze within half a block of their apartment and questioning all of the life choices that had led me to take up residence in such a place just a few days ago.

This is probably the most frequently asked question by people interested in the taboo topics.

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