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Kenji lets her into her room via the door connecting their apartments. Seeing this serious message, Haruki begins to view Aoi in a completely different light. This Fuji TV 2004 TV series is a story about a sports equipment company executive, Kenji Haruki (played by Yuji Oda), who becomes acquainted with a new next door neighbor, Yuki Aoi (played by Akiko Yada). Yuki is a former "girl gang" member and has had a previous divorce from a spouse who abandoned her.

Aoi accidentally drops a video tape into Haruki's apartment. Kenji is initially turned off by Yuki and her manipulation of men to suit her needs, but happens to find a videotape made by her five years ago talking about her life threatening health condition.

We will make sure to reeducate the staff and reinforce our training methods to ensure that something of the sort will never occur again".

Tamaki's agency commented on the issue and said: "There have been no monetary issues as of yet, and we have already received the apology of the two staff members involved, so we do not want to escalate the situation.

The foundation of their security procedures will be in question, so they will really need to do something about this.

If it's just the last 3 digits hidden, someone can easily crack that in a matter of 2 or 3 hours.

Yuki's past personal experiences impacts her somewhat cynical outlook on life which later is transformed by their new found love for each other.

Note that they both refer to each other by their surname and only start using the first name when they declare their love for each other.

Tamaki was at Narita Airport on the 16th for a flight bound for Southeast Asia.

He stopped by a gift shop before boarding his flight and used his credit card to pay for his purchases.

The series has nice scenic photography that was shot in the mountains.

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