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I didn't really have time to exchange digits before she left." "I didn't mean to upset you." Stefan sighed, "I want to know more about Elijah, and i was hoping that Isobel would know something.

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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Blair Gilbert spent five years in Chicago, then returned back to Mystic Falls.

She had planned to finish her Junior year at Mystic Falls High, to hang out with her childhood best friend Tyler Lockwood, to regain her sister's trust, and get to know h...

) and how she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth are Wardrobe Malfunction Fashions - City Rag Fans Wants Conan O’Brien As Leno’s First Guest - Pop Eater Lindsay Lohan Poses On A Police Cruiser - Holy Moly Michelle Obama Is Too Sexy To Be The First Lady?

Family matters take center stage in this charming drama about a single mother raising her teenage daughter in a Connecticut town.

Damon texted me and told me that Rose was bitten by a werewolf named Jules last night, and the bite is infected, so he is having Elena watch over Rose while he tries to find a cure for the bite.

Stefan texted me and said he had a question for me."You're not happy that I'm here, are you?" Maggie sat on my bed, pulling my phone from my hand to get my attention. Also, Lorelai's zealous supervision of the Dragonfly irks Sookie and Michel; Zack and Brian consider altering the band's set list to highlight their original songs. Season 5, Episode 2September 28, 2004Lorelai cautiously agrees to pass a letter to Dean from Rory, who is in Rome with her grandmother, while Luke becomes antsy with his role at a medieval fair. She followed me until i got to the bottom of the stairs, but she stayed at the top of the stairs. Stefan was still outside the house, so neither of them could see each other. I pressed my hands against his chest and pushed him further outside. " I asked back, now crossing my arms over my chest.

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