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But as soon as Superman gets on his case, he kidnaps Lois Lane and sets her up in a pretty cool death-trap in his personal castle.

Superman frees Lois and defeats the Toyman, of course, but that’s not the fun part.

Although, Clark was able to beat Lois out of story on a few occasions. She declined a further romantic relationship with him, saying that there were things about his life she didn't want to know, Lois was at first skeptical of Superman but like so many others in Metropolis grew to love him as their hero and symbol.

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So Susie just gets disbelieved and scolded when she relates this.

Lois is furious, but Clark believes the girl, although puzzled about what occurred.

In her last outing, Superman made Susie’s lies come true. Mxyztplk takes on that job, and does a much more impressive job of it. Mxyztplk introduces himself to Susie, and encourages her to think up some really good wishes. He suggests that she wish for a re-creation of Zrff on Earth.

Superman then builds it himself, puzzling Mxyztplk.

45) Lois Lane’s story sees her once again chided for her reliance on Superman by Perry White, despite his comments in the previous issue.

Perhaps this is because there is a new writer on the strip, Frederic Ellsworth, who joins Dobrotka and Roussos.

Perry sends Lois on assignment to the zoo, where she promptly spots some pickpockets.

But the story descends rapidly into farce, with monkeys and seals running wild.

It gets into the whole identity thing, but mostly it’s about Lois and Clark pulling a prank on Pointdexter in return.

Perhaps he is juggling in his sleep on the cover of Superman 47 (July/Aug. The Toyman is back, in a Cameron, Yarborough and Kaye story that jumps around a lot, but works because of the great visuals.

Superman plays on his confidence, makes him think his vision is going, and challenges him to read signs of increasing distance, the last of which says Klptzyxm. Ellsworth, Citron and Kaye open the story as Perry White sends Steve Bard out to investigate some silk thefts, while Lois is sent to cover a kite meet.

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