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Between 36 and 48 months, variability between handedness in one handed grasping begins to decline significantly.This difference can be seen earlier in bi-manual manipulation tasks.About two-thirds of fetuses present with their left occiput (back of the head) at birth.

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The increase in required single hand grasping activities such as writing or coloring can force children to develop a hand preference.

There are several theories of how handedness develops in individual humans.

These results suggest the same mechanisms that determine left/right asymmetry in the body (e.g.

Nodal signaling and ciliogenesis) also play a role in the development of brain asymmetry (handedness is an outward reflection of brain asymmetry for motor function).

Previc argues that asymmetric prenatal positioning creates asymmetric stimulation of the vestibular system, which is involved in the development of handedness.

In fact, every major disorder in which patients show reduced right-handedness is associated with either vestibular abnormalities or delay, Another theory is that ultrasound may affect the brains of unborn children, causing higher rates of left-handedness in children whose mothers received ultrasounds during pregnancy.Infants have been known to fluctuate heavily when choosing a hand to lead in grasping and object manipulation tasks.This is especially shown when observing hand dominance in one versus two-handed grasping tasks.2017 found that asymmetric methylation of Cp G sites plays a key role for gene expression asymmetries that have been related to handedness.Four studies have indicated that individuals who have had in-utero exposure to diethylstilbestrol (a synthetic estrogen-based fertility drug) were more likely to be left-handed over the clinical control group.Where these two pitchers differ from the others is that they both have experience at the Major League level.

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