Updating hard drive

Or perhaps, you just feel that your drive access is too slow.

Your drive may be large enough, but it’s an older 4500 RPM or 5400 RPM model and you want to move up to a newer 7200 RPM drive, perhaps with more cache.

Turn the Play Station on, and it will eventually boot up in Safe Mode.

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The good news is, unlike many parts on modern notebooks, the hard drive is usually something you can swap out. In this article we’ll show you how to copy the contents of your notebook’s drive to a new one, then install it.

We’ll be using a Dell XPS M1330 (Buy Now) here, along with a brand-new 500GB Seagate Momentus 7200.4 drive (Buy Now).

Follow the instructions here for downloading the update - basically, you'll need to save the update onto the USB thumb drive mentioned earlier.

Once the download is completely, set the USB drive aside.

Lift it away, unhooking the right edge first, to expose the hard drive underneath. Step four: There is one screw securing the hard drive to the console frame, decorated with the iconic Play Station button symbols.

Take your small Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screw, and set it aside for later.

Turn the shiny side to face you, as this is the plate you need to remove.

Push down on the shiny side near its inside edge and pull toward you, until you hear it click out of place.

These days, a lot of laptops come with pretty big hard drives, all things considered.

It’s not hard to find 320GB or 500GB drives in even the relatively affordable models. If your laptop is a year or two old, you might find yourself running out of space.

This will give you access to everything that comes pre-installed on the PS4 (like the menus you use to navigate it), so your new hard drive will have all the same essential functions.

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