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Then after everything is running great, I rm everything from the old kernel, including the kernel and the /lib/modules directory it's referring to.

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Update 2: Installed linux-lts through chroot, added the correct entries on my syslinux.cfg, it boots fine on lts kernel. There are a few variations, but is is pretty common. I had the same problem and tried rebuilding my image several times (felt like at least 100 times).

It's a working temporary solution, but it's better than nothing Another "Thank You". Putting "usbinput" before "udev" in the hooks in /etc/was the solution in my case. If I (re)generate the image without any changes to any config files from within my normal arch installation, boot will fail as described.

Some of the posts also suggested doing a "pacman -S linux", however that was not necessary for me.

Now, I'll be honest and admit that I don't fully understand this fix, but I hope it helps.

I am now afraid to upgrade my actual installation because of this. Some of the posts also suggested doing a "pacman -S linux", however that was not necessary for me.

Does anyone know which package causes this problem and if it is getting fixed soon? After installing the ck kernel the problem re-appeared. Re-installation of udev and mkinitcpio doesn't seem necessary. Just to increase the general understanding of these issues: The reason you did not need to do "pacman -S linux" is because you already did the important part of it: You did "mkinitcpio -p linux" to recreate the initrd file. I then used the wiki page on change root and ran the following commands: Remove the CD or USB drive and ta-da! You are being dropped to a recovery shell Type 'exit' to try and continue booting sh: can't access tty: job control turned off [rootfs /]# I had this problem, through a few other forum posts and some wiki articles I was able to solve it this way: I booted into an arch installation CD and mounted my root partition under /mnt/arch.You might wanna make sure that the kernel you are booting does refer to the proper /lib/modules folder that it's trying to access.This was the only time I ran into that same problem.id=70999 i have done kernel upgrades in the past through redhat updates (but omitted the pmcia-cs update) and this probably explains why i have had these problems).

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