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I would argue that there is and, to that end, Open Wrt and prpl communities should collaborate in the creation of a community developed and maintained autoupdate mechanism.In keeping with the spirit of Open Wrt, this tool should be flexible enough to meet a broad range of needs while being simple enough to maintain and understand.

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I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a succinct and clear organization of security topics for Open Wrt development.

While each of these topics is valuable and deserves exploration, one area of particular interest is automatically updating Open Wrt devices.

A recent thread started by Brian Smith on the Open Wrt-Devel mailing list caught my attention.

Along with a corresponding wiki entry, it highlighted some important security topics related to Open Wrt.

It is even more dangerous than upgrading firmware using serial connection only.

Ensure you have good serial cable (cheaper usb-serial adapters don't work), rock solid power supply and steel nerves :) If for some reason you have older bootloader and wish to upgrade, you must proceed here.

Given all of the difficulties, Open Wrt does a superb job at creating a stable secure distribution.

It’s simply the case though that autoupdating the community version of Open Wrt would only be feasible on a few high-profile devices while the vast majority of devices would be left out in the cold.

Also, if you have, or know of, open source tools for automatically updating Open Wrt device, please share them!

As always, we welcome everyone’s participation in this effort.

Does this mean we should scrap the idea of automatic updates on Open Wrt? Remember that the Open Wrt images provided by the project, which we’ll call upstream Open Wrt, are not the only versions Open Wrt of used on devices.

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