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Such vocabularists make no dis- coveries in the arts or sciences ; they never extend the actual boundaries of our knowledge, still less do they meliorate their own minds, give to their rea- son an absolute ascendency over their passions, or expand their benevolent, at the expense of their selfish feelings. has been one of the chief objects of the present edition of this Spa- nish and English Dictionary, which, it is hoped, contains not only many thou- sand more words than are to be found in the most copious vocabularies, but also much practical and useful information, correct data from which the nature iv PREFACE. and operations of the human mind in Spain and in England may be deduced ; more facts, principles and terms, now used in the sciences, arts, manufactures, and commerce, than in any similar dictionary hitherto published, and likewise more of the modern words in the polite or jfamiliar conversation of both coun- tries.

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DICTIONARIES have certainly not received those improvements, either in plan or execution, which their increased utility has rendered essentially neces- sary.

Some linguists, indeed, are contented with knowing the grammatical distinctions and the names of a coat or a book in several languages, without any regard to the extension of useful knowledge, and forgetting that a mere vocabulary may be acquired by a mechanical effort of the memory, independent of judgment.

STEREOTYPED AT THE BOSTON TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY. But the study, or rather the mode of acquiring a knowledge of languages, has made as little progress as the compilation of dictionaries.

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