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"He gave the girl gifts and more cruelly, he spotted that she presented a loveless character and he exploited that to make her emotionally dependent upon him.

"He manipulated her to such a degree of dependence that she was prepared to lie to her parents." The mother of one of the girls said the length of sentence was "disgusting" because her daughter would have to live with it for the "rest of her life" and the whole family was under a "dark cloud".

You may feel that you'll never have enough money to have a family!

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It may seem early, but you might also want to think about: For some people, stopping contraception is as easy as shoving the condoms or diaphragm to the back of a drawer. Organization of Teratology Information Specialists.

If you're on the pill and want to get pregnant, you can stop taking it and start trying straight away if you're ready to.

Mr Khalil said the girls had made a number of allegations, of which Wheeler had not been convicted and which he denied.

He added: "Mr Wheeler feels terrible, disgusted and ashamed.

Discrepancy highlighted The maximum sentence for unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under 13 is life.

The maximum sentence for sex with a girl over 13 is two years.

Knowing the date of your last period can help your midwife or doctor to estimate your due date when you do get pregnant.

It can also give you time to make other changes to your lifestyle before you conceive.

That doesn't mean it isn't wise to save a little before you get pregnant.

You'll be financially responsible for your child for at least 18 years, so try to put something aside.

You've decided it's time to start your family. We'll guide you through what you need to consider before you start trying, from assessing your relationship to getting in shape. Avoid alcohol in pregnancy says RCM on new guidelines.

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