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Now you are helping others, just by visiting wiki How.Trek to Teach is a nonprofit organization that sends fluent English speakers to teach in Nepal near the Himalayas.While I would very much like to use music and feel that it adds a lot to the level, the is a whopping 20mb for 120s of playback.

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Step into a world of fantasy with Ancient Game – The Legendary RPG Adventure Game Sound Library by Epic Stock Media!

Includes Magic, Warfare, Gore, Treasures, Mechanisms, Monsters, Loop-able ambiences and more!

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I've just gotten around to adding a music track to the level I'm working on, and I don't see any options except for

Thus, sometimes I play a "silent" sound at the start of a program to "prime the pump" so that when the first sound that needs to be heard plays, it plays with less lag.

M4T runs on a dedicated server, with up to 300 members logging in every day our site consumes a lot of bandwidth!

This is why MP3 files are the natural choice when people want music for websites or multimedia presentations. WAV files are lossless uncompressed broadcast CD quality music files.

However, one of the big drawback of MP3 files is that they are just not good for looping. Loops can be used to extend a full track or just by itself. WAV file directly into Flash, and place the sound file on a layer. WAV file into MP3 format while maintaining the integrity of the loop.

There is always a small silent gap at the beginning and the end of the file. WAV loops can also be easily processed with Flash for web animations.

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