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Ali and another Muslim woman, Tannis (a pseudonym), agreed to talk about the Muslim marriage double-bind in a Victoria apartment, while their children played in the background.Barefoot in a green polka-dot dress, Ali is a vivacious, naturally outgoing person.

Yes, let’s put all of the burden on women yet again to carry the family.

Also, when looking for someone to marry, we should never put aside anyone because of their race or the way they were raised.

It also implies that light skin and colored eyes are more beautiful, and is just a shallow reason to marry someone.

I also want to talk about the brothers who expect the girlfriends they party with to convert for them, in hopes that the brother’s parents will approve of him marrying her.

Statistics Canada census data shows that roughly 30 per cent of Canadian Muslim women marry non-Muslim men, says Haddad.

About half of those women marry non-Muslim men who either convert or, like Ali’s husband, suggest to mosque imams they intend to, but don’t follow through, Haddad says. and Europe, the repercussions for women who marry non-Muslims are less brutal than in many Muslim countries, but they’re still serious. I’m feeling calmer now.”Children are the crux of the Muslim law against women marrying outside the faith.

On the other hand, my family reaction was (dad: non comment, you know what you want..mom: he is a good handsome man, just make sure he won't convert you... And seriously, all my middle eastern girlfriends have white American boyfriends, white men like us and treat us soooo good and we Arab girls spoil them and treat them like kings.

Ever since I converted, I have had Muslim men reach out to me about how they want to marry a white convert.

Maybe, brother, you are not secure about your Islam and don’t practice it properly, so you think she’ll leave the religion.

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