Who is ashley dupre dating

The Daily News got the first look at the beautiful baby girl, who is named Izabel Jagger Earle.

Dupre and her fiance, asphalt king Thomas TJ Earle, welcomed Izabel into the world on Nov. at the Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune Township, according to a close friend of Dupre’s. She feels very lucky.” Izabel weighed in at 7 pounds and 1 ounce, the friend confirmed, and was born about 21 inches long.

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Dupre went on to have a stint as a relationship columnist for the New York Post, posed nude for an epic Playboy spread and opened up a lingerie store in Red Bank, N. Dupre reportedly took up with Earle, an executive at an asphalt company, as early as just a few months after news of the scandal broke.

The then-married Earle met Dupre in 2008 at a restaurant on the Jersey Shore, and the pair began an intense affair that ultimately resulted in Earle’s divorcing his wife and proposing to Dupre.

“Izabel is one of the best things that's ever happened to Ashley,” the friend told the Daily News. Her birth opens up a new chapter in Dupre’s until-now messy life, which has included bringing down a powerful governor, posing for Playboy and opening up a lingerie line.

Dupre, 27, catapulted to international notoriety in March 2008 when she became ensnared in a hooker scandal that ultimately derailed Spitzer’s promising political career.

Though Spitzer has landed a job teaching at New York's City College, someone in the tabloid media decided to stir up the hornet's nest about a possible run for Senate or New York Comptroller by the disgraced pointy-chinned fellow.

This, in turn, led Ashley Dupre to blog it up, and for the to cover said ruminations as if it was news.

So I have made the difficult decision to close Femme and focus my time on Izabel and Penelope.” She thanked her staff, saying, “I love them and we will be together forever.” Earle told Page Six Wednesday, “Running femme was an amazing experience.

I learned a lot and built a brand that I am very proud of. As any working mom knows, wearing two hats is incredibly hard.

But the ex-call girl posted Wednesday on social media that she was closing the store to spend more time with her kids: “We have created a beautiful brand and a first-class shopping experience that I will be forever proud of.

But as my children get older I realize that I can always reopen Femme, but I will not get another chance to raise and enjoy my children.

Tales Of A Reluctant Trophy Wife In summary, though part of the foundation of this so-called "society" of ours is based on the fact that successful men have their pick of ladies, there is a relatively thick line between it being just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man and literally prostituting one's self.

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