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One day in 1st grade Melissa and Jen were partnered up to be attendance walkers for a week.Every day that week Melissa came up with a new rule on how to walk to the office, she turned a silly job into something fun and that spiraled into 20 years of friendship.While most people might have gotten the "through mutual friends on Facebook" story, it is safe for the truth to come out now.

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She was just about ready to delete her account and he didn't find the site to promising either, but over 3 years later we are engaged and it's all thanks to a message he sent her on a dating site called Plenty of Fish.

It was just another Disney trip for the two annual pass holders, except when Brandon and Jen arrived to the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 2016 (which also happened to be the 45th anniversary of Disney) Brandon insisted on getting a new profile picture in front of the castle.

Jen wanted to go straight to Epcot for the food and wine festival but Brandon really wanted to ride space mountain before the festival.

It was a hot Florida day and Jen was starting to get inpatient with Brandon when he picked the longest picture line to stand in, she even insisted on moving to a shorter line closer to the castle.

Amanda, who knew we would have gotten so close bonding over tacos? ;)Elyssa and Jen both started working at ATB around the same time.

From sharing groups to eating chips with ketchup a friendship was formed.

The closer they got the more they realized they had in common.

Elyssa, you knew from the start that Brandon was the one for me.

It's not such a coincidence though that two strangers in one picture became best friends in another. Sam and Jen met at work in ATB and while they weren't immediate best friends they quickly discovered their similar love for food and movies. Sam has now dragged Jen to almost every scary movie that has come out in the past 5 years, but I think the scariest one for Sam was dress shopping with Jen for the engagement party.

I heard the sequel was even scarier, "Wedding Dress Shopping" (the whole wedding party is blind until the wedding! Sam, you were worried that a year wouldn't be enough time to find a dress to wear. ;)Amanda and Jen met at work and one of the first things Amanda said to Jen was, "I don't normally get along with girls, but you're pretty cool." Amanda knew Jen would never let her miss another Taco Tuesday after that.

Cruises, Cancun, marching band, Disney, baking parties..is a gator and the other is a nole..."How does this work? Melissa, please don't make me walk down the aisle backwards!

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