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After learning the truth, CJ decides to confront Janine, and she confesses to doing drugs and burning down the house. Janine is still missing, and the family is starting to get worried.

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And Janine is increasingly acting more and more strangely, blowing up at the kids and seeming agitated and nervous.

She’s also getting strange calls from a guy named Blue.

Calvin then tutors CJ on “the formula” for breaking the news about the non-refundable money to Curtis.

Meanwhile, in a bid to woo a girl he’s interested in, Calvin tells the girl that Curtis & Ella’s house is actually his and that Ella is his maid and Curtis his accountant.

When Janine shows up without a cake and without the money that Ella gave her, things seem a little odd.

And when the surprise party finally comes around, Curtis isn’t happy at all. Just then, a four-alarm fire calls Curtis, CJ and Calvin away, after which Curtis’ oldest friend, Brown, overstays his welcome.

CJ is down in the dumps over finding Janine in a crack house, and it’s starting to affect his work and his relationship with his children.

Curtis is especially concerned because he believes, after seeing Malik in a ballerina tutu that the boy might be turning gay.

Curtis ends up having to go to the conference with the school principal and upon arriving, learns the bully is actually a girl, Nikki.

But when Curtis meets Nikki’s foster mother, Madea, he cowers to her own bullying personality.

The principal suggests Malik and the bully study together as a way of forming a bond, but neither Curtis nor Madea are happy about the situation As he does every birthday, Curtis decides to “refresh” his look, which includes teeth-bleaching, a new hair color and a return to his rookie uniform, which is way too small for him.

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