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She explained: "My mom is always like 'that's perfect, you can just cast your sister,' and it's just like crickets."This blonde beauty keeps it real When she isn't on the big screen, Cassidy is studying English at the University of Southern California, posting her adventures on Instagram, enjoying time with friends and spending time with her boyfriend Addison Pierce.

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Every Oscars ceremony is full of the hottest and most talented actors, directors, musicians, and more.

Taking place in Los Angeles every year, the event never fails to surprise us with shocking, hilarious, and touching moments that make history in Hollywood and beyond.

co-host Kathie Lee Gifford and former NFL player Frank Gifford.

Cassidy and her brother Cody Gifford, 25, have always shared the spotlight with their famous parents, but this weekend, it's all eyes on her.

"[She's worried she might be] considered old-fashioned if she actually wanted to speak to a date on the telephone," the source said.

"[Plus], a lot of men want to date younger women and so it has been more challenging than she expected." Frank and Kathie Lee in 2004.

"I didn't understand that you couldn't be an animated character." Her mother Kathie Lee has always supported her daughter's decision, as long as she took it seriously.

"I think every child deserves his or her own dream," Kathie Lee told " She's been studying since she was a young girl at classes and privately.

“So that was a huge thing going on, whether they’d give me the role or not: Whether or not she could keep her mouth shut.” Thankfully for Cassidy’s career, chatty Kathie Lee “has proven that she kind of can, at least for a little bit!

It’s been just more than two years since Kathie Lee Gifford’s beloved husband, former New York Giants football player Frank Gifford, died at age 84 in August 2015.

I'm fine with it as long as they treat it as a craft and not a summer lark."She knows how to keep up with those Kardashians It's no secret that Kathie Lee and Kris Jennerare best friends.

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