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15) Leisha came out when she was 10 and at camp wearing rainbow suspenders. And finally, without further ado, a few choice moments to whet your appetite for L8. (File under “Massive Overshare.”) 3rd Place – Attendee (to Kate and Leisha): I have tortoises named after you both. 3rd Place – “Shane Lover” – homemade and spotted during a Kate Moennig photoshoot. She fell in love with her bunk leader and was so upset when she saw her kissing a boy that she peed her pants. 16) If Leisha were to date an L Word character it’d be between Jenny and Bette, but she thinks Jenny might be too freaky. And then we went back and forth for years like that".

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Eventually, when we finally made it into the studio, I had about 40 demos I'd recorded at my apartment, or on the road in the back of the van." One of the songs, "Sleep on Fire," was inspired by a friend in the building who was asleep in his bed when fire broke out in the apartment below. Sleeping like your bed is on fire." As for The Magicians Private Library itself, just where is this bewitching place described in the title? "The Magicians Private Library could be anything and anywhere...." Holly begins, "But I got the title from my schizophrenic Uncle, my Dads little brother who Ive always been really close to.

"Luckily, someone was awake in the living room and carried him out," she says, "When they were able to get back into his apartment they found that only the spot beneath his bed had burned, had actually fallen through to the floor below. We were on a boat ride one day and I cued up Dark Side Of The Moon.

And if you’ve paid £90 for a weekend pass already, £15 is a drop in the ocean. 4) Kate thinks the finale offered no closure and though she liked the ‘Shenny’ storyline (which was originally Mia Kirshner’s idea and was only brought in after the filming of the ambiguous “you broke my heart” line) she thought Ilene “took that ball and fucking ran with it.” Sounds like standard Ilene Chaiken practice . 10) Despite her heavenly good looks, Kate claims to be “wracked with self-doubt like everyone else.” Really though?

Plus, if Leisha Hailey tells you she likes your outfit, money worries seem super trivial, am I right? 11) It was awkward as fuck to film the first Jenny/Shane kiss and both actors ran in the opposite direction on a number of takes.

12) Leisha describes Moennig as “play putty” and a cuddler, who makes great BBQ food and always has good snacks. 13) Her partner is a great gift-giver and if she were to choose a different career she’d be a painter and live in France. If you do, however, appreciate that little signature and are prepared to leave your conversation at “Hi, Thanks, Bye” then this is actually kind of fun. That being said, I’m still totally ok with doing it again in March when the gorgeous Ms. You’re not going to come out of it with Kate’s number, sorry ladies, but I would definitely recommend it for those of you with an open mind/open wallet. How about this – I’ll be whatever you want me to be. 1st Place – Attendee (to Leisha Hailey): If I were invisible, I’d watch you undress. And Kate and Leisha “aww’d” and congratulated and the whole room melted.

She also remarked that Kate is good in bed, but “not from experience, you guys. 14) Leisha definitely didn’t enjoy the big finale and thinks Tasha and Alice might not be together post-season six due to the whole failed false imprisonment spin-off, . So you’ve had your picture taken with the guests, you’ve listened to their answers and everyone has shared their feelings. There are tons of single ladies too, so if you’re looking… 2nd Place – Attendee (to Leisha Hailey): I spoke to Madonna on the radio and she was rude. (File under “The most I’ve laughed in a long time.” So cute though.) 1st Place – “Yes, your gaydar is working” – as sported by probably the butchest lady I’ve ever seen. 2nd Place – “I’m a Vagitarian” – this one made me sick in my mouth a bit.

From the fantastical spell of "Forest Green Oh Forest Green" to the horn-laden atmospherics of "Joints", The Magicians Private Library is a record intent on taking you on a journey.

Its a record equally in love ("Waves") and in dreams ("Sweet Dreams", "Everytime I Go To Sleep", "Sleep On Fire"), dark, bold and sonically ambitious horns & beats, MPC & strings, synths & bells & reverb, its all here.

The Ceremony was followed by a “disco.” Hey Sean, the 1970s called, it wants its word back. The one that describes “the way that we live.” I cringed on behalf of you all, don’t worry. factor of the weekend would only increase from here. Attendees naturally took this statement and ran with it, later tricking her into using female pronouns whilst describing potential partners. 5) Mei will not perform the Salt-n-Pepa dance on cue unless accompanied by Leisha Hailey. They fell out sometimes and they laughed a lot, just like normal people. 8 ) Mei likes to climb but it bruises her knuckles and that’s just not becoming for a young actress. 1) Kate Moennig is freaking adorable and definitely not Shane.

The music was pretty standard: Pink, Madonna, current chart hits. Turns out, when lesbians hear that song, they move FAST. Melançon was quick to assure us that she had not just outed herself, however. 6) Mei has an Irish friend named Hayley (I’m grasping for straws because I left my notepad in my room during her session. 9) Mei does not have her own charity and is not Mia Kirshner – this one’s directed at the poor girl that asked her about I Live Here and made everything really awkward for like 5 minutes. 2) Kate listens to Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Patti Smith but can also “rap the shit out of Eminem” at Karaoke. 6) She’s a homey kinda gal and takes pleasure in sweeping her yard, going for hikes and watering the plants.

It was the first time my Uncle--whod been in a mental institution since he was 23--had heard that album.

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