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That usually is a bad thing for an actor because the network will just have the producers recast the character, but they refused to do that.After it was official Boone was cast, Spader would then join the series.

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The small city only has a little over 5,000 citizens and is located at the top of the state’s lower peninsula.

The city is the setting for Ernest Hemingway’s stories about Nick Adams because he traveled there as a boy.

Arison has an extensive television career that began in 2003 with a guest-starring role on the short-lived FOX drama in 2004.

The episode was entitled “Paradigm” and was the season 15 premiere episode.

Eggold and Grimes worked together on The CW drama co-stars in the ceremony.

Both John Stamos and Scott Grimes performed at the ceremony.

Take a look at these ten facts about James Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold and the rest of the cast that star on this awesome show. Once it comes time to shoot a scene, Spader is able to remember what each page looks like and can recite his lines verbatim.

It is as if the script is still in front of him while he is filming.

In an interview with TV Line, Boone revealed her favorite moment from the first season of the show.

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