Women intimidating men single mom and dating

For some, they rarely wear heels even if they like doing so; for others, they may make self-deprecating comments about their height in a defensive effort to fit in with what men want....

At the end of the day, tall women make terrific friends, family members and romantic partners.

They don’t have problems expressing themselves and they don’t hide their true self.

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People who are not ready to be involved in such deep commitments may find them frighting, obviously. Being self-confident and able to direct your own life doesn’t mean you can’t suffer from anything.

At times, they change their life plans for their partners. Each person they've shared their life with taught them something and “intimidating” women are always ready to be there for them. Although they don’t let it show most of the time, rejection, hurtful words or false intentions hurt them.

A woman with high self-confidence is a natural beauty and draws attention naturally. Unlike many people, they don’t care about what others think of them.

If you’re a man who needs to be flattered constantly and have serious insecurities, you probably won’t be happy with such a woman.

So don’t worry if people around you call you “intimidating” because “intimidating” women are gorgeous. These women don’t make men feel “comfortable,” they make them feel more “alive.”When you’re in a relationship with an “intimidating” woman, life’s full of surprises and excitements.

If you’re looking for “mediocre,” stay away from them.

Extremely tall women are often treated as if they are freakishly tall or Amazonian, as if their height is some sort of mistake or genetic mutation.

What’s more, many very tall women engage in a range of behaviors to diminish the impact of their height in order to appeal more to men.

If you’re looking for someone without wounds, they are not your type.

These women think that what didn’t kill them made them stronger.

You may think that something’s wrong with you, being told that everyone else but you is getting married or having babies etc etc...

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