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The pages of this Special Feature contain publications and resources related to youth violence and the prevention of such violence.

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On March 14 of this year, a young girl’s prank had unimaginable consequences.

Tysen Benz, 11, hanged himself after reading messages on Snapchat saying his 13-year-old girlfriend had died. It was all made up by the young girl; she was sending the messages from a friend’s account.

However, there is a limited body of research on the neighborhood context of dating violence, and more rigorous research is needed.

Youth violence has long been a major challenge for American police chiefs, schools, and municipal leaders.

Once a teen experiences violence in one relationship, research has shown that they are at a significant risk of experiencing violence in another relationship.

Violence in schools not only affects the individuals involved, but it can also disrupt the education process and negatively affect the school itself, as well as the surrounding community.

Additionally, the National Institute of Justice supports research that strives to understand and reduce the occurrence and impact of violence.

And, through Crime, provides evaluations of programs and practices meant to prevent violence and provide services to those impacted by exposure to violence.

Social control and community connectedness are both associated with dating violence, but findings on collective efficacy are mixed.

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